“ Goto ” (2010)

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Karaoke Kalk (Germany)
Artwork: Florence Manlik
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Music & lyrics by Toog

Electronic sounds: Fashion Flesh (02, 05, 07)
Voice & electric guitar: David Fenech (01, 03)
Michel Gondry: voice (10)

Lyrics in French

Secrets about the songs :

Track 01: The car is a positive invention. But we passed the milestone of 1 billion cars and Jack Nicholson gets angry. Track 02: For the first time, words are limited in a song. Track 03: David Fenech sings “ Goto ” as I play the guitar. An initial project was to record an anagramic album called “ Goto Togo ” in Africa. The Togolese lithophone  appears on track 10. Track 04: This song is for those who sometimes feel like a cracked plate. Track 06: I wrote this one for the artist and curator Joseph Whitt. It is part of his serie called Serenade: musicians like Bobby Conn or Matmos were asked to celebrate his love to Alton. A gay and interethnic love in the heart of the Bible Belt. Track 07: The title is a reference to Gary Numan's track, one of my favorite songs when I was a teenager. 08: The song becomes what the lyrics tell: “ My house ” being under construction, the music stops and you can hear it. Track 09: The strange structure is an echo of Track 08. Track 10: An homage to Constant Martin, grand father of Michel Gondry, who invented the electronic bells and the Clavioline.